Rebellion Introduces June Dessert Special Supporting Gwyneth’s Gift Foundation 

Rebellion Bourbon Bar and Kitchen’s Fredericksburg location is excited to kick off the summer season with a delicious surprise for its patrons. Throughout the entire month of June, Rebellion will feature a dessert special designed to satisfy taste buds and bring joy.

This limited-time dessert, a Mixed Berry Cobbler, captures the essence of summer with its natural sweetness from mixed berries and a touch of honey, butterscotch, charred wood, and cinnamon. It’s a culinary creation crafted to make a memorable impression.

The month of June holds a special significance for Rebellion and its patrons. Joel Griffin, Partner of Rebellion and Co-Founder of Gwyneth’s Gift Foundation, explains, “June marks Gwyneth’s birthday month, and we wanted to celebrate her memory in a meaningful way. The Mixed Berry Cobbler is a sweet tribute to her love for desserts. By enjoying this special treat, our guests also contribute to a cause that’s close to our hearts.”

Rebellion Bourbon Bar and Kitchen is known for its commitment to the community, and this dessert special is a perfect example of how they continue to surprise and delight their patrons while also giving back.

Join Rebellion this June to celebrate the summer season and savor this exceptional dessert. To learn more about Gwyneth’s Gift and their mission, visit